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  Corporate Security
This service will ensure security of offices and other organisations alike.
  Industrial Security
This service will ensure the security of industrial sites, factory and manufacturing plants, etc.
  Civil / Residential Security
This service is concerned primarily with security of residential complexes and societies.
  Personal Body Guards (Armed/Unarmed)
This service will ensure an individual’s safety and well-being.
  Female Care Taking Guards
They will be attending to the well - being and health of senior citizen in the household, since they require special consideration.
  K5 Detective Services
K5 will provide special detective services, whether it’s for solving a complicated case or for keeping a watch on someone.

  VIP Security
This service will ensure ‘Z’ grade security for high-profile individuals. The security team comprises a team of highly trained professionals, each member of which has been trained under the guidance of elite personnel from the armed forces.
  Security Need Analysis
A special and unique aspect of K5’s service is the Comprehensive Security Analysis which will help arrive at a customised security plan. This high-cost exercise will be undertaken as a complementary service; thus resulting in substantial savings.
  Event Security
This service is uniquely designed for providing security in high-profile events.
  Escort Services
This service has a team of highly trained professionals with excellent communication skills and proficient in matters of etiquette.
  Female Security Guards
K5's special team comprising of female bodyguards.
  Crowd Management
This service will ensure that a situation never goes out of bounds. K5’s team is highly trained to manage different kinds of crowds.
  Facility Management Services
This service will take care of the maintenance of residential complexes and office buildings. K5 will provide trained personnel towards security and surveillance and maintenance of home and office.
  Access Control Systems
This service will provide the most hi-end and effective Access Control Systems for offices and residences.
  Close Circuit Monitoring
This service will help safeguard premises through hi-tech close-circuit monitoring equipment.
  Intrusion & Smoke Detection Systems
K5 will provide special intrusion and smoke detection systems, revolutionarily designed to keep premises safe at all times.
  Information Security
K5’s services will involve protecting information and information systems from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification and destruction.
  Full Time Security Manager
K5 will provide an individual who will be solely responsible for creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. He/she will maintain and regularly update the organisation’s safety manual and train employees as per this manual.
  Fire Safety
K5 will help prevent and reduce incidences of fire that may result in death, injury, or damage to property damage.
  Disaster Management - Emergency Management (or Disaster Management)
K5’s services will be concentrated towards integrating individuals, groups and communities to manage hazards better, and thus avoid or ameliorate the impact of disasters resulting from the hazards. It will help in the evacuation of people during the unfortunate case of the occurrence of a fire accident.
  Inventory Control
K5 will supervise supply, storage and accessibility of items in order to insure an adequate supply without leading to oversupply.
  Data Security
K5’s special Data Security system will ensure security of all important and valuable data.
  Electronic Security Solutions
K5 will provide access to a complete and hi-tech package of electronic security solutions, including electronic safety locks and hidden video cameras.
  Cash Management Services
This service will ensure management of cash in a safe and secure manner.
  Security Audit
This will ensure that audits are done in a secure and confidential manner.
  System Design
This service from K5 will ensure protection of organisational IT systems. It will not only protect systems from being hacked into, but will als secures official and important documents.
  Traffic Control Management (Event Security)
K5 will be responsible for handling flow of people in a specific area in order to alleviate congestion, especially at a tradeshow or a promotional event.
  Police Liaison
The police liaison officer from K5 will help clients maintain control of the action, on their terms, rather than letting the authorities dictate the terms of action.
  Customised Software Application
K5 will work with organisations towards creating exclusive software that will help manage budgets and projects.
  Access Control Linked to Inventory Control
This service from K5 will safeguard inventory stocks through hi-tech Access Control systems.
  Supplier-Employee Identification
K5 will manufacture and supply ID products that will include card, photo ID card, employee ID card, company ID card and access ID card.
  Risk Management
K5 has combined commercial and residential units together, to offer a more integrated, streamlined and synergised response to risk information business needs.
  Security Systems and Technology
K5 will install and maintain access control and security systems as per the client’s specific needs, using the latest technology available to cater for the continually changing requirements.
  Aviation / Maritime Screening
K5 will provide search staff with information on the procedures for screening passengers and staff.  It will also provide guidance on operating archway metal detector (AMD) and hand held metal detector (HHMD).
  First Aid / Medical Support
K5 will provide teams, trained in administering first aid, thus ensuring medical support at public events across the nation.
No wonder, K5 is today responsible for the security needs of some of the biggest Indian and international organizations, high profile individuals and reputed residential colonies
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